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National Correspondent Name: Kang Chong
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Country: CHINA
Organisation: Institute of Botany, The Chinese Academy of Sciences
Number of Members: 80
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Recent rapid progress in plant science and biotechnology in China demonstrates that China’s stronger support for funding in plant research and development (R&D) has borne fruit. Chinese groups have contributed major advances in a range of fields, such as rice biology, plant hormone and developmental biology, genomics and evolution, plant genetics and epigenetics, as well as plant biotechnology. Strigolactone studies including those identifying its receptor and ssecting its complex structure and signalling are representative of the recent researches from China at the forefront of the field. These advances are attributable in large part to interdisciplinary studies among scientists from plant science, chemistry, bioinformatics, structural biology, and agronomy. The platforms provided by national facilities facilitate this collaboration. As well, efficient restructuring of the top–down organization of state programs and free exploration of scientists’ interests have accelerated achievements by Chinese researchers.