Correspondent Profile

National Correspondent Name: Dinkayehu Alamnie Asrade
Profile Picture:
Country: Ethiopia
Organisation: Haramaya University School of Biological and Biotechnology
Number of Members: Biological Society of Ethiopia has more than 200 members.
IAPB related activities if any that you organise within your country/region e.g local meetings:
Conferences/events/meetings that you plan on attending this year or early next year: The 14th quadrennial IAPB Conference in Dublin August 2018.
A short piece about the plant science sector/industry in your country:
Haramaya University School of Biological and Biotechnology, Department of Biotechnology. The school is running a wide range of biological activities that offers enormous potential to speed up the development of plant varieties with pro-poor traits such as drought tolerance, pest resistance or tolerance, higher yields, increased nutritional value, and antimicrobial activities from plant extracts among others.