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National Correspondent Name: Dr Barbara Doyle Prestwich – current President of the IAPB and Congress Chair for IAPB 2018
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Organisation:University College Cork (School of Biological Earth and Environmental Science)
Number of members:19
IAPB related activities if any that you organise within your country/region e.g local meetingsAnnual Plant Scientist Association Meetings are held in different Irish Universities/HEIs each year. IAPB feed into this. We also hold outreach activities to help inform the wider public about plant biotech related activities. We currently have one of the largest Plant Science undergraduate degree programme between Britain and Ireland and we have been actively recruiting for IAPB from this programme in to order to promote plant science/biotechnology as a career option. See: We contribute to the seminar series within the University and have frequently promoted IAPB engagement through this channel. Ireland currently hold the Presidency of the IAPB and for the past four years have been actively engaged on various platforms in the promotion of plant biotechnology both nationally and internationally. Find us at: ; on twitter and on facebook. We are also on LinkedIn
Conferences/events/meetings that you plan on attending this year or early next yearI attended SIVB in North Carolina in June of this year. An excellent meeting and a great opportunity to meet with colleagues. The next meeting I hope to attend is CRISPR AgBio and Genome Editing in London in September 2017.
A short piece about the plant science sector/industry in your country. In Ireland plant science research is funded by the Irish Government (under a number of initiatives), the European Union, Private sector, charitable foundations amongst others. Global collaborations take place between the various Universities (UCC, UCG, UCD, TCD, Maynooth and Queens) the Institutes of Technology (CIT) and Teagasc (the Irish research arm of the state). Members from these various institutes are members of IAPB and are current members of the National Organising Committee for our congress in Dublin in 2018. The Commitment of the Irish Governement to building and investing in the agri sector is exemplified by the following data: The following is extracted from the Irish Department of Agriculture’s website: The agriculture and food sectors in Ireland account for: • 7.6% of GVA at Factor Cost • 8.5% of employment • 12.3% of total exports The Irish Government's commitment to the agri-food sector remains strong. In the Supplementary Estimate for 2012, the Exchequer is providing €1.339 billion for agriculture, fisheries and food and public expenditure will amount to over €2.639 billion when the Department's Vote is combined with EU funding of €1.3 billion. The high proportion of expenditure on local raw material and services as well as the dispersed nature and composition of the sector will ensure that the agri-food sector will play an integral part in the recovery of our economic success and the continued viability of rural and coastal areas. Food Wise 2025 is a ten year ambitious plan to grow the agri sector. The strategy was agreed on by 35 relevant stakeholders. More details can be found at: Any other comments that you feel are appropriate for our audience: It has been a great experience hosting the IAPB virtual office in University College Cork and planning the 2018 congress. We took over from Melbourne in 2015 and we look forward to handing over management of this vibrant organisation in 2018!