Correspondent Profile

National Correspondent Name: Wong Wei Chee
Profile Picture:
Country: Malaysia
Organisation: Advanced Agriecological Research Sdn. Bhd.
Number of Members: 4
IAPB related activities if any that you organise within your country/region e.g local meetings:
Conferences/events/meetings that you plan on attending this year or early next year: BIT’s 9th Annual World DNA Day (WDD-2018), 25-27 April, 2018 in Dalian, China. IAPB Congress, 19-24 Aug 2018, Dublin.
A short piece about the plant science sector/industry in your country:
Plant biotechnology research started in Malaysia as early as the 1980s. Currently, all public universities and research institutions in Malaysia are actively involved in the fundamental and applied plant sciences focused on understanding of plant biology at genetics, molecular, cellular and biochemical levels. With the challenges that need to be addressed for agricultural sector, the plant biotechnologists hold a strong commitment to develop modern biotechnological tools for crop improvement, as well as create knowledge to tackle the issues of climate change, pests and diseases for Malaysian crops in years to come.