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National Correspondent Name: Dr Virendra M. Verma Ph.D/Researcher and Project Director
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Country: Micronesia
Organisation: College of Micronesia
Number of Members: Three
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Dr. Virendra M. Verma is a Researcher and Project Director at the Micronesia Plant Propagation Research Center, which is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture. This center is the only north-pacific regional facility, which is actively engaged in plant biotechnology research, extension and outreach. Dr. Verma has over 20 year’s professional experience in applied and basic research, extension, education, and outreach within sustainable agriculture, horticulture and plant biotechnology. Dr. Verma has inclusive experience in plant molecular biology and plant biotechnology techniques related to abiotic stresses, and development of stress tolerant plants for various purposes. He also has broad experience in teaching and supervising diverse student populations in formal and informal classroom settings within sustainable agriculture, and agricultural plant biotechnology programs. Dr. Verma has received and successfully implemented many competitive and formula grants from state, national, international agencies for his sustainable agriculture, plant tissue culture and biotechnology projects. Dr. Verma is a recipient of a prestigious ‘Pacific Excellence in Extension and Outreach Service Award’ for the Micronesian region.