IAPB Executive Team (2015-2018)

The IAPB executive team have a term of office of four years, from the close of one International Congress to the close of the following International Congress. At Melbourne (2014), Dr Barbara Doyle Prestwich was appointed as President of the association and it was agreed to hold the next IAPB congress in Dublin, Ireland in August 2018.
"This appointment is a great honour for me and I am delighted, with the support of my colleagues, to be bringing the next IAPB meeting to Ireland in 2018.  This is a great opportunity, as recognised by the Minister of Agriculture , Simon Conveney, for Plant Science researchers in Ireland," said Dr Barbara Doyle Prestwich.
Dr Ewen Mullins will serve as Editor of the association's journal and Dr Eoin Lettice will serve as Treasurer for the 4-year term.

You can follow the IAPB Executive on Twitter @iapbhome

To contact the IAPB office by post:

International Association for Plant Biotechnology (IAPB),

c/o School of Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences,

University College Cork,